Monday, 11 February 2013

Random acts of hobby

Sometimes you just run out of steam and grind to a halt. I failed my first hobby vow which threw me into a bit of a funk, to be honest.

I've decided I can't actually be bothered with the Dark Vengeance Dark Angels, its too many projects at once. They'll get done, just not now.

On the plus side I got enough models painted (well, painted enough) to take part in the first game on my friend Dave's new gaming table. 2,000 points: Dave's Dark Angels (a mere fifth of his collection, he's a dedicated man) versus a Chaos Space Marine alliance of my Night Lords and Matt's Black Legion. Good game, won by my team on objectives and a few lessons learnt:

Cultists are brilliant for holding objectives, especially if you advance them under cover of Terminators. It was the unit led by the Champion in a Commissar's greatcoat, he's getting a character.

Chosen are not as survivable as I assumed they'd be. I really should have bought them a transport.

Power mauls and force staves are worthless! My Sorcerer and Dave's Terminator Chaplain were locked in a seemingly endless duel for four and a half turns. Power axes, by comparison, are amazing. Matt and I need to have a grudge match, though, as his Lord and Chosen were in a perfect position to come to my Sorcerer's aid AND HUNG ME OUT TO DRY! Grudge match, XVI Legion bastards.

It was, however, the first game where I was able to keep my eye on the objectives. Usually I get so into the fight, especially when playing a fun old friend like Dave, that I lose sight of the actual purpose of the scenario.

On an aside I helped my friend Dan paint his new house this past week which meant unlearning the lessons of a lifetime and making sure there was as much paint as possible on my brush.

“Do you need a three-stage highlight on this bannister, Dan, or should I just drybrush it?”

Oh, and before I forget:

This week's hobby vow
Write three army lists so I have concrete plans for my projects.

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