Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A theme for my Heretics in Skirts (aka Dark Angels)

This is not a new army project, not yet at any rate. All I want to do with these Dark Angels is paint them, simply because I don't want unpainted models sitting around cluttering up the place. Plus, I managed to score the last limited edition Dark Vengeance in the store so it seems somehow ungrateful of me not to paint it all.

It is the simple reality of this hobby that after a while you'll end up with a pile of unpainted, redundant models: unfinished projects, test models that went nowhere, presents that weren't strictly relevant to any of your projects but your parent were trying. My mate Greg thinks he can avoid this, by the way. He just started collecting his first army and he's determined to buy and paint one unit at time. This first army of his is Warriors Of Chaos so I don't think his illusions will last very much longer.

Anyway, I want a simple but effective colour scheme so I can finish these models quickly regardless of if they turn into an army or not. I want a lazy man's colour scheme basically. So it could only be...
… the Guardians Of The Covenant. Nice and simple: steel grey armour, black shoulder pads, a chapter icon even I can freehand and red robes so I can indulge my urge to paint things in that same cool red I've been using on my Night Lords. This will also give me a chance to test out some more metallic effects in my ongoing quest to learn how to paint.

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