Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tomb Kings Time Attack end of week 1

(Soundtrack to this week's hobby: Eddie Izzard: Dress To Kill DVD, Ronnie Barker's Lines From My Grandfather's Forehead, The Goon Show: Foiled By President Fred and Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles: The Anachronauts.)

I didn't get as much hobby done this week as I intended to, due in the main to having to prepare my flat for a house inspection but I made a little progress. I've also managed to drag my best friend Matt into this hobby challenge business as he now intends to finish a 1,000 points Daemons Of Chaos army over the next month, just as soon as he decides between Tzeentch and Slaanesh. Dave might be getting in on the act, as well, with a Warriors Of Chaos army.
My test skeleton (front rank far right), finished oh so long ago, now has nine little friends to keep him company. Ten models takes me a quarter of the way to my 1,000 points target. Okay, so they're the easiest models in the army but just finishing some models gives me a nice buzz of satisfaction after spending so long faffing around and not really getting anything done.

I took some advice from a friend and used Lahmian Medium as a matt varnish for the most of the models and 'Ardcoat on the shields to make the black spring out at the viewer. It doesn't come out too well in the photographs but its a nice effect. The Lahmian Medium worked perfectly: I've always preferred the effect of matt varnish but as anyone who has used Purity Seal when there's even a single molecule of moisture in the air it fogs faster than the Thames waterfront. These models I varnished at 3am on the last day of February with the heating off and they came out fine.
Speaking of getting things done these two giant rats have been sitting on my paint station for over a year. Not really relevant to anything but it was nice to get them out of the way.
Another model I've been meaning to finish for a while was my Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord. As you can see I've steered away from the traditional Night Lords lightning bolts, it takes a far better painter than me to make those look good. I tried and it just looked cartoony no matter what I did. The model doesn't suffer from it, with all that fine detail it doesn't need the extra embellishment. I must say that Warplock Bronze goes on a treat in just one coat in marked contrast to the golds I was using on the Tomb Kings.
Yes, I've changed my mind again. This started out as my Guardians Of The Covenant test model but after a few layers I just got so bored of all that metal and resprayed the thing. I might not really be intending to use this army in game but there's no point painting something you're not going to enjoy. By contrast, I had great fun painting it as an Angel Of Absolution. I think the bone armour came out really well, though the highlighting on the cape could certainly use some work.

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