Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Work In Progress

So the next Angels Of Absolution project is a Vindicator. No, I'm not subconsciously avoiding my Dark Vengeance models but I am trying to avoid the usual pattern I suffer with Space Marine armies. Usually I paint a character and maybe a couple of small units before buying and constructing a few more just before I lose interest. This time I'm trying something new.

I hope if I paint a couple of big things to get me started instead of the traditional Captain - Tactical Squad - Terminators combo I'll lock into the project and really make a go of it.

This Marine army will have a distinct purpose. As I've said it isn't my first and I want to break away from my habit of gravitating back to Space Marines. If I can make a go of this army then whenever I get a yen for Imperial power armour I can just add a unit or two to my Angels Of Vengeance and then get back to other projects.

Plus I need to show myself the method I used on the Grand Master can work on a larger scale.
Meanwhile on the Tomb Kings side of the table we have the other half of the Skeleton Warriors regiment, just to get the last of the easy models out of the way. I'll need to work out a new army list, though, as it occurs to me that I went over my allowance for Heroes. Thus finishing this Skeleton unit won't constitute quite half of my army.

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