Monday, 21 January 2013

Hobby Resolutions 2013: better late than never

So, I decided to start a hobby blog. I've been playing various GW games for nigh on ten years now but rather fell out of the hobby a while ago. This wasn't due to any rancour against GW, just that for a while I didn't have much money and it is an expensive hobby. So for the last year I've been struggling to get back in and I decided I needed a bit of motivation: hence this blog.

Success, failure, victories, defeats, models, ideas, it'll all go on here, a real journal of my progress with a few off-colour jokes thrown in. So what are my goals?

Post regularly, post often
This blog is a motivational tool, I should use it otherwise what's the point? It'll give me a place to document my successes and record my failures so I can learn from them. Hopefully more of the one than the other but I'm realistic.

Learn how to paint
There are new paints and my earliest attempts to use them yielded abysmal results so it seems it's not just the rules I'll have to relearn.

Focus on a limited number of projects
The point of all this is to get gaming again as soon as possible so I've narrowed my focus to just three projects, three armies that I really, really want:

Tomb Kings: This was a no-brainer because I already own the army. I got a council tax rebate last year (yes, folks, it can happen) and splashed out on just about everything I needed for a 2,000 points Tomb Kings army. All it needs is building and painting. Since there's a pretty comprehensive Tomb Kings Army Project in the new How To Paint Citadel Miniatures it'll also be a good place to try out techniques.

They're also completely unlike any Fantasy army I've ever played: magic heavy, can't march, chariot units, huge monsters... just so different from the line infantry armies I've had in the past.

Night Lords Chaos Space Marines: Like the Tomb Kings this will be an army to do straight out of the box, quick and simple to get me back into gaming. It also means I can get some use out of the Dark Vengeance set I bought with my Christmas money. Phase two of the project, once I have a functioning Chaos Marine army, will be to expand into some allied Imperial Guard to resurrect my old Lost And The Damned.

And finally, Death Guard Chaos Space Marines: I have always wanted a Death Guard army ever since I read their Index Astartes article. Unfortunately for me, impatiently trying to finish a project quickly, the Forge World conversion kits are too good not to use. This will be a slow build project, probably completed at a rate of about a unit a month.

Try to paint more than I buy
Every hobbyist does it eventually: gets over-enthusiastic and swamps themselves with minis. However, I have a system. Between Dark Vengeance and the Tomb Kings in my cupboard I have plenty of pre-bought models so I should be able to get more done than I buy. (This last resolution is doomed to failure, I know, but I have to try).

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